The Strawberry

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Hi Showstoppers,

I hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend!

Today's post is a fashion focus and is part of my Wardrobe Wisdom series that I began a few years ago!

As you know, I have studied and trained in professional Fashion Styling and Personal styling over the years as well as styling for live TV and I am sharing my tips and advice for you whenever I am able to.

In this series of style posts, I focus on educating you on how to dress to flatter your specific body shape so that you can shop confidently instead of feeling daunted when you see something that looks great on the hanger but not so great when it's been tried on!

Gone are the days of stressful shopping. With so many ways to shop now whether its on the high street or online, I want to try my best to give you tips on what to look for that will emphasize your best features.

Today, we're looking at the Strawberry shape.

If you have broader shoulders and a smaller waist and hip area then you are a strawberry body shape.

Style Tip: Create Balance by drawing the eye away from the top half of the body and towards your waist. A belt is a great way to do this and can be a handy way to jazz up any outfit such as dresses and skirts to draw the eye to the right places!


When shopping for tops, its a good idea to opt for a square or a V neckline which again, is all about balancing the body and drawing the eye towards your bottom half and away from the shoulders. Although I will say that this rule can be broken. For example the over sized and dramatic sleeves are really on trend at the minute and can look fantastic on a strawberry shape providing you get the neckline right. Here is an example of one of my current favourite styles from one of the clothing boutiques I'm a  big fan of lately.

Photo Credit: Coco Boo Loves

I love the mesh trend at the minute and I think this top would look fab on a strawberry shape with the clean square neckline. you can purchase this top from coco Boo.

Another good style to look out for when shopping for a new top is peplum.  Anything that flares out at the bottom will always look amazing on a strawberry shape and give you the balance you need.

Credit: One Nation Clothing

This top can be found at one nation clothing. The polka dot style is great to wear both casual and more dressed up!

Credit: DLSB

I actually bought this top myself only in White. I love it and although I am more of a pear shape it still looks great. However, this style will be a strawberries best friend with the tiered mesh at the bottom of the top. Again, this is great to wear casual and dressed up with leather jeans and heels.

This can be grabbed from another one of my favourite sites DLSB.


When looking for a flattering dress, the same idea applies to the neckline. you want to go for something with a square, sweeping v or a true V neckline to draw the eye away from the shoulder region.

ANYTHING that flares is most definitely going to look fantastic as this is going to make our body look more in proportion. Here are a few of my picks below:

Credit: Coco Boo

The Dancing Leopard

These are both gorgeous dresses that are perfect to wear to an occasion, both featuring a flattering V neckline and a wrap style, cinched waist . Ideal picks for a strawberry body shape.

You can purchase these from  Coco Boo Loves and The Dancing Leopard.

As I previously mentioned, don't be afraid to accessorize with belts to dress up your outfits and add more focus ad definition to your waist. This is only going to flatter your figure even ore and is very on trend at the moment. (I don't think its going away any time soon either because I've been doing that from I was 16!)

I hope this gave you a bit of a guide of what to look for and some of the online websites, like the ones I have highlighted in this post, are excellent at showing you how to style each piece different ways to help you really get the wear out of them, so be sure to scroll through all of the images and follow them on social media too for more inspiration.

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