Product Spotlight: Eve Taylor Daily Skin Defence Moisturiser

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Happy Monday!

This weeks product in the spotlight goes to the Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF50 from Eve Taylor London.

I have been trialing this out for well over a week now and already see a difference to my skin.
This IS a moisturiser but it is part of Eve Taylor's Solar Protection range and is intended for use as a skin SPF to protect against the sun and this is solely what I got it for.  I intended on using my own moisturiser as normal and then using this product as my sun protection over the top BUT it is so hydrating, it really can be used as a moisturiser on its own.

About the  brand and product:

This moisturiser was created by a brand that is fast becoming one of my favourite skincare brands, Eve Taylor. It is a family run business since 1963 and now exports 60% of its products to over 40 countries worldwide while still keeping it in the family and developing all of their own in house facilities. I find this astonishing as usually today, once a brand gets any amount of success it usually goes down the route of global expansion by joining one of the larger umbrellas in order to grow. However, very often the brands that make the decision to do this usually end up sacrificing some their brand pillars, eg being cruelty free.

 I think its very admirable the path this brand has chosen to stick to and still have the success that they have. It is a professional, aromatherapy skincare and body care brand used and stocked in many professional salons and spa's and they are known in particular for their amazing range of effective and pure essential oils.

The products are fantastic, they smell beautiful and they are at an excellent price point with this being possible due to it being a family run, in house operation. that is a huge bonus for me.

To my knowledge, Eve Taylor herself used to actually make all of the additives and face oils for Dermalogica! This is a brand I have worked with professionally in salons before and has a high price point and I must say Eve Taylor's products would give Dermalogica a run for its money and I know many many other skincare professionals that agree with this.

SO, with all that being said, why am I choosing to feature this particular product on the blog today?

  • High protection formula (SPF 50)
  • Protects against UV induced hyperpigmentation and UVB sun damage
  • Easily absorbed ingredients that effectively nourish and hydrate the skin

Key Ingredients:

This product contains-

Octinoxate, Octocrylene and Octyl Triazone which are sunscreens that provide high protection against UVA and UVB rays.

The Verdict:


As I said previously I wasnt expecting it to be hydrating enough to use a moisturiser alone as its main focus is sun protection but it works perfectly by itself.

I do like to layer it over a separate moisturiser though regardless because I want the full sun protection benefit of the SPF 50 and if you mix it with a face serum or a moisuriser lotion etc it can reduce the SPF.

It comes out as a yellow toned lotion but it goes on so thinly that it absorbs in straight away while still leaving your skin feeling soft and ready for makeup basically. It gets a big thumbs up and i'd recommend this to everyone that can cope with an spf. (sometimes spf in products can irritate some peoples skin)

This brand has a full range of products specifically aimed at the most sensitive of skins and I just love everything about it.

I will be introducing the brand into my freelance business in the new year when I am re-launching facial treatments and i know they'l go down a treat.

The price point for everything is fantastic and this moisturiser comes in at just £15 with an spf of 50- I mean C'mon people thats fantastic!

Eve Taylor Daily Skin Defence Moisturiser=  Showstopper Approved

Have a good week everyone and wear your SPF!


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