Tried & Tested: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream

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It's been a while from my last post, I know! Months actually and it isn't good enough.

On the plus side, during my break from blogging I have had the chance to test out lots of new beauty products and have been able to plan out new and honest reviews and posts that I will be writing up over the next few weeks from now. Yay!

I'm currently getting ready to start a new job in Bridal styling full time, after previously working part time in Bridal and LOVED it , though I have kept myself busy enough in the meantime with doing the Makeup for various shoots aswell as some freelance beauty work and freelance writing, the most recent being for Northern Woman Magazine.
 In their May issue, I have created a fresh faced, dewy editorial look based around spring/summer fashion trends while in the current issue for June and July, I have written a handy little guide to correctly colour matching your own foundation in stores. If you have got reading it, I hope you find it helpful.

The first product I'd like to sing praises for at the minute is the CC+ Cream by a company that I first heard of a few years back on QVC- IT Cosmetics.

Now, those that know me will know iv'e a slight addiction to watching QVC for makeup and beauty brands.
I have watched the IT Cosmetics segment on the show many times over the past few years and was very impressed with what I was seeing and hearing. However, I have only recently gotten around to actually purchasing myself a bottle of the product!

While on holidays last year in L.A, I tested it out in Ulta via a tester and was instantly amazed by how much smoother and more moisturized my skin looked upon application and it was then that I made my mind up to purchase when I got home.

Who are IT Cosmetics:

It is a Makeup and Skincare company founded by former Anchor Woman, Jamie Kern Lima in California.
She struggled with her skin, particularly rosacea  and didn't really find a brand that had a focus on skincare aswell as the aesthetic side. This led her to write up her own business plan and take the plunge to begin the journey of developing her own line of cosmetics that focused on feeding the skin rather than just focusing on the artistry side of makeup.

She was very successful with this new venture and has actually developed her products with plastic surgeons and dermatologists which really gives the products an edge in my opinion.

What I personally love about the IT Cosmetics line, is that the products are literally a complete skincare routine in one or two products! In particular, the CC+ cream.

This is a FULL COVERAGE CC cream that acts like a full coverage foundation but is a pigmented moisturising cream. Not your typical foundation!

Most CC creams I have tried look great when you first dot it on the skin but as soon as you start to blend it in, they all seem to loose their coverage. The IT cream does not.

You can actually use this CC cream as your anti ageing serum, moisturiser, concealor,  colour corrector, sunscreen and full coverage foundation and actually skip the rest!

It is insanely moisturising and pigmented and so far has lasted me all day, especially in the heat wave over the past few weeks.

I have been skipping my moisturiser in the mornings and going straight to the CC cream after cleansing with great results. Then in the evening, I have been using my moistrusier, serums etc so this product can really save you time if you are very busy and may not have the time to really go through all the steps of skincare every single morning. This allows you to save the rest for the evening! You can of course apply all of your skincare routine aswell as wear the foundation if you like with equally great results. It's up to you.

Another thing I love about it is that, like most foundations, it does contain a sunscreen but this contains a factor 50 which I never see in a product!
You can really tell that it has been formulated with the help and advice of qualified surgeons and dermatologists with the fact that it is a factor 50 PHYSICAL SPF rather than a chemical SPF.
They have spoken out as to why they have chosen a physical version of Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide claiming that these are the best natural source of sun protection. However, after having a little skin chat, I have came to learn that actually, it can be best to have a mixture of chemical and physical spf today with how far the industry has developed. so that is just something to bare in mind as I have always been scared off of chemical spf in the past!

I am super super impressed with it and will be buying again as my every day foundation plus my going out one among my other favourites. The overall look that this gives to your skin combined with the visible skincare results has me hooked.

You can purchase this in selected Boots stores or on the Boots website, and also from QVC UK and IT Cosmetics uk website.

It costs £30 for a 32 ml tube which I think is very reasonable considering all of the skincare benefits it provides aswell as the full coverage and long wear. The stuff REALLY works and goes a long way. DO NOT over do it- super pigmented built in concealer!

If you have tried this or any other products from the IT cosmetics line, I would love to know what you think :)

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