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I hope you are all having a nice Tuesday.

I wanted to pop on to my blog and express my newly found love for Skinny Tan!

I have started to use this brand for both self tanning and professional spray tan for my clients.
I have previously used brands such as Aviva Labs, White To Brown and Sienna X, all of which I really like but found that they take too long to dry on the skin and the shades were not consistent on everyone's skin. By this, I mean that a medium on one persons skin might only be a light medium whereas on another persons skin it could be a good deep medium and I just prefer to know exactly what you are going to get from each bottle when spraying.

I had decided to test it out for myself after my mum bought the retail versions and thought they were good, so I thought I would contact the company and arrange a trial of the professional soloutions to trial on my clients and myself.

I tested out each shade from light, medium and dark on multiple people and all turned out gorgeous! The tan looks very even and very natural as soon as it comes into contact with the skin and is dry in no time!

I hate that sticky feeling that you have to put up with if you are sleeping in a tan overnight while it develops so the fact that this dries quickly means that people are able to actually go about their business during the day without looking or feeling sticky and when they go to bed at night, they will be alot more comfortable.

Another thing I liked about the spray soloutions was that it isn't actually necessary to sleep in it. Depending on what sort of shade you want to be, you can wash the excess off after as little as one hour!
However, If you cant really be bothered showering on the same day/night you get sprayed, it is designed to not over develop if it is kept on overnight.

Along with all of those points, the deal was sealed when I discovered the wear off was FANTASTIC! If you aren't great on keeping on top of your exfoliating and moisturising, this tan will be your best friend. You won't end up like a scaly serpent but obviously it is preferred if you look after your skin to really increase wear.

I also love the fact that the soloutions are formulated to visibly smooth the appearance of cellulite (it actually does seem to which I was surprised about), are vegan friendly and cruelty free aswell as being paraben and SLS free.

I am now offering Skinny tan Pro Spray tans as part of my business- Showstopper By Natalie
FB-Showstopper By Natalie

Dark Tan-Professional Soloution

The brand has many different self tanning products which all look fantastic but so far, I have tried the Instant tan (Pink Bottle) and the Express dark mousse (Black bottle).

I can honestly say that both of these are beautiful and I am hooked.
Think of the Instant tan as a face and body makeup. It washes off in the shower and is intended to instantly and temporarily tan your skin for an event or used to spot tan an area of your skin that is on show. It smells gorgeous and feels so luxuriously smooth. I feel that it is fool proof and if your boyfriend can successfuly apply it to your back without having you look like streaky bacon, then its a winner in my eyes!

The Express mousse version is intended to tan your skin for roughly a week and the excess can be washed off after just an hour depending on whether you want to go light, medium or dark. If you want to be a bolder shade then sleep overnight in this product for the deepest shade.

Like the spray tan soloution, all of the shades available out of these self tanners are VERY natural looking. Even the darkest shade looks like its been naturally tanned. It does not look like muck which can often happen with darker tans.

All the retail products are very reasonably priced and can be purchased in Superdrug stores or on the Skinny Tan website:

Visit your local Skinny tan Salon for a professional tan treatment.

Happy Tanning!


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