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Happy Friday Showstoppers,

I've been trying out some skincare products from Aldi and wanted to let you know how I got on with them.

I have been faithfully using Pixi Skincare for months now along with the occasional serum or cleanser from Glo Therapuetics that a past student of mine gave me- it;s fab!

I ran out of my Pixi and haven't had the chance to run to M&S to grab more and I accidentally left my Glo Therapuetics in my mums house a few weeks ago when I was visiting home from Dublin! Devestated.

SO, I decided to grab a few bits while I was in Aldi to try in the meantime. I've heard MANY great things about their skincare, particularly their sell out Caviar range.

I picked up a Lacura Moisturising Face Wash and their Caviar Day cream Moisturiser and have been using them for over a week so far.

The face wash is incredibly cheap for its quality and the ingredients it features!
You can get the wash for as little as £1.29 and with ingredients like Bisabolol, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5, It's a complete beauty steal.

The texture of the product is lovely. It's like a minty coloured creamy gel (similar to the colour of the lid on the packaging) with a really subtle fresh scent.

The bonus with this face wash for me personally was that it contains NO perfume, NO colour and NO harsh chemicals! This is something I really prefer when it comes to beauty products and especially skincare.

The product lathers up really nicely when mixed with water and just smoothly glides over the skin.
Although it does really help to clean the skin and leaves it feeling moisturised and fresh, It just doesn't live up to my face cleanser standards in comparison to what I normally use which is a good bit more expensive so I mean, I can't really complain.

I definitely would recommend it for anyone on a budget and who doesn't want to spend alot on skincare products. It really does do what it says on the tin!

Next, I just NEED to talk about the Caviar Day Cream. OMG!
Hands down this is just fantastic. It has been a blogger favourite for quite a while now and has been constantly praised in the media and compared to a La Prairie day cream that costs £292.
The Aldi version will set you back just £6.99!

It feels so luxurious, I can't rave about it enough lately. It has a nice thick consistence but once applied to the skin it glides on and honestly my skin just drinks it up. I LOVE the stuff. Even the packaging.

It even has an SPF of 15 included in the formula along with ingredients such as Caviar extract, Snow Algae and my fave- Hyaluronic Acid! Buh-Bye wrinkles!

This anti ageing product is to be used each morning for healthy, illuminated and dewy skin and I can safely tell you it does just that.

As I mentioned earlier, I have only been using it for just over a week but I saw results literally instantly with this moisturiser.


Seriously, You'l love it!


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