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Happy hump day!

I have really fine hair that always has major static to it especially after it's washed.
I have had it long for quite a while now and it just ended up lifeless and pretty much just hung there, doing nada.

I recently fancied a change and went for something similar to what I had around 2 years ago.
I got it chopped shorter with a slight, ombre blonde effect to it whereas the last time I had it this length, I got peacock green in the ends! I loved that at the time but trying to get the colour out of it months down the line was an absolute headache!

Anyway, I'm waffling on.
I decided to do a blog post today focusing on 2 new hair care products that I recently purchased from a local hair and beauty salon in Dublin.

The brand is called La Biosthetique Paris and I bought the vital shampoo and creme conditioner from their fine hair range.

I have used them a few times now and I definitely have noticed a difference to the volume in my hair and to the static problem I was having. Seriously, you would have thought someone rubbed a balloon over my head the static was that bad before. Crazy person central!

I have definitely noticed my hair has more bounce than what it did before I started using the shampoo and the hair creme is like an intense moisture and repair treatment. I don't necessarily NEED the creme as my hair isn't damaged but I do like to give my hair a treat once or twice a week whenever I can so I opted for that aswell.

This shampoo claims to pamper hair with natural ingredients to create volume, softness and shine and I can happily say that it does exactly what it says on the tin :)

This treatment product claims to give fine and sensitive hair visible lift, volume and boost aswell aswell as repairing any damage.

As I previously mentioned, I don't have damaged hair but I do like to give my hair a nice treatment now and then so that's why I got this.
However, my hair feels silky smooth after using it and it definitely adds to the bounce and volume.

I definitely think they are worth a try for anyone with static, unruly hair like mine once was and they aren't too expensive either!
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