Let's Talk Tan-Cocoa Brown Tan Review

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Hi Showstoppers!

For a while now , I have been wanting to have a chat about my new found love for Cocoa Brown Tan by Marissa Carter and particularly "Gentle Bronze" which is a gradual tan.

I first tried out some of the products a year ago while doing some editorial work experience at the fabulous Beaut.ie and had the pleasure of being able to try some new launches.

From that moment, this brand definitely gained a new fan and at the minute, Gentle Bronze is my favourite. My go to tan product! :)

So, what's to love about it?

Alot of things actually!

  • It smells gorgeous!
  • It applies like a dream- seriously, it could not be easier. Apply it as you would a normal moisturiser in even circular motions and just wash your hands afterwards.
  • It leaves skin beautifully soft and supple with a natural looking glow.
  • It can be built up gradually.
  • IT'S ONLY €5.99!!!!! But it feels really luxurious.
  • The bottle is so cute with the brands signature pink shade.
Here's a picture of one of my legs with the tan on (right) beside my arm with no tan on (left). This was after just 4 hours of application so it seems to develop quite quickly.

As you can see, there already was a difference in shade and my leg is looking lightly tanned.

Now , have a look at this picture:

The tan deepened in shade by the time I woke up the next morning! This is what the shade looks like on my skin when it is fully developed after just ONE single coat and for me this is deep enough :)

You can build it up by applying the tan daily to achieve your desired depth of tan while giving your skin a nice moisturising treat! :)

The overall verdict=  I LOVE IT!

Visit www.cocoabrowntan.ie for the full range of products and stockists.

Happy tanning :)


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