The Pear Shaped Gal

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Hey Showstoppers! 

This is a new style series called Wardrobe Wisdom, which has the aim of helping you to choose the correct types of clothing to really ensure you look your absolute best!

Shopping can be quite frustrating for lots' of us and the main reason is usually because we don't quite understand how to shop for our individual body shape.

When I was working in Fashion retail, I have often witnessed people  searching frantically through rails of clothes on the hunt for a suitable outfit for their body, only to leave the changing room feeling defeated. That dress that they fell in love with on the hanger just was not being nice to them, at all.

However, that frustration and feeling of hopelessness can be completely avoided with the correct understanding of our body shape & colour theory.  Once we have an understanding of those two elements, choosing the most flattering pieces becomes easier- Promise!

I will be focusing on one body shape in each post of the series which will help you to identify your shape and which types of clothes will work best.Once I have covered all of the body shape theory, I'll be getting stuck into colour theory. (It's easier to break it down in to baby steps, otherwise its info overload)

Today, we are going to begin this style series with the Pear shape:

This tends to be a common shape among women and especially those of us who are partial to one or two glasses of wine, or three or four. Erm, guilty!

Wine usually goes straight to the hips and with a pear shaped body, the widest part is the bottom half.
Pear shaped ladies come in all sizes whether you're heavier, lighter,tall or short!

Style goal- To try and balance out the top half to look more in proportion with the bottom half of the body.

You really want to make sure to accentuate the top half which will take the focus off of the wider bottom half. You should always opt for a darker shade for the bottom which helps to slim it down in appearance whereas if you opt for a statement top, it will keep the focus above the hip area and balance out your look.

I created this little style theory board below to give you an idea of how certain pieces can work for this body shape:

Hopefully the above all makes sense to you and you are starting to get a feel for how garment structures, lengths and textures can really highlight the features you want to focus on and conceal the ones that you don't.

Are you a shopaholic or do you dread the very thought of it? Have you ever had any bad experiences when outfit shopping? I'd love to hear in the comments below :)

Feel free to shoot me an email to if you have any style or beauty questions and I will do my best to help.

From your emails, I'll also be choosing one question to feature in a blog post each week! (Providing it isn't too personal)

You never know it could be yours! :)

Till next time lovelies,

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