The Hourglass

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Hi again Showstoppers!

Welcome back to The Wardrobe Wisdom Series. This is the second post in the style series and will be focused on how to dress an hourglass body shape.

The key features of this body shape are a small, short waist, bigger hips, bigger chest and generous thighs. The shoulders and hips usually tend to be the same width.

It;s one of the most sought after figures and has been for many years. The desire to achieve that hourglass figure is still has popular as ever and we can see this today through the invention of the waist trainer that has been blowing up the internet lately.

The point of this style series is not to encourage anyone to try and achieve a certain shape because all of us are different. What I am trying to achieve here is to learn you how best to dress for YOUR shape and ensure that you leave the house feeling confident in your own style.

Style goal-  Look for clothes that accentuate your silhouette rather than hide it.

You really want to make sure that you choose clothing that pinches you in at the middle and accentuates your shape rather than completely covers it up.

Avoid wearing anything with frills or bows and try to stay away from cowboy boots and batwing sleeves.

Instead, opt for  a smart looking wardrobe containing curved lapel jackets, 3/4 length sleeves  and coats with pocket flaps on the hips to really emphasise a tiny waist and draw attention to your elegant wrists and create the look of a more delicate frame. You can of course wear full length sleeves too.

In terms of dresses, you should try and look for a dress that elongates your waist and lifts your chest.

IMPORTANT TIP-  Ensure that you wear the correct bra size! If you aren't sure then book a bra fitting appointment.

Here's a style board on dressing for an hourglass figure:

Now, I have been getting quite a few emails with style and beauty questions and as I have said in previous posts, Each week I will be choosing one to Feature in a post.

Ruth has asked:

Hi Natalie, I have a pear shaped body (I think) and I am much bigger on the bottom than I am on the top! What is the best way to even out my shoulders as they're tiny in comparison to everything else. Thanks,Ruth :) 

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch Ruth. A clever thing that I always recommend for a pear shape is shoulder pads! Now, this doesn't mean that you're going to look like a throwback from the 80's or anything. Shoulder pads can be discreetly used to balance out the shoulders and help to keep everything more in proportion without being too obvious. I highly recommend grabbing a set! :)

I hope you learned something from this post that you didn't already know before and I look forward to our next style session.

For any questions comments or concerns you can email me at or leave a comment under the post :)


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