Mila Kunis says she aint gonna raise no brats!

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It's no secret that the Bad Moms actress and her hubby Ashton Kutcher have zero shortage of money. They are actually said to have a combined net worth of $170 Million!

However, the couple have both agreed that they want to make sure that their daughter Wyatt and her unborn sibling grow up with a sense of respect and appreciation for all that they have.

Mila admitted that both her and Ashton had discussed parenting before they had even started their family, with emphasis being focus on how to "raise a child not to be an asshole."

Although she thinks it's "beautiful" that their children won't ever struggle to eat or have a roof over their head, she feels that it is quite bittersweet at the same time because they will never truly understand hardship.

"We both came from pretty solid poverty backgrounds and grew up very poor. Nothing's been handed to us."
Mila also has said that they will be "teaching them that, Mommy and Daddy may have a Dollar but you're poor."

Fair enough!

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